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How to say public prayer

On this form of prayer the Ethikon says: “The Worshipper should stand facing the East, with his hands modestly folded on his breast. He should free his mind completely from worldly distractions, and making the sign of the Cross should say:

“Glory to the Father, to the Son, and to the Holy Spirit.”

He should then say:

“Holy, Holy, Holy, O Almighty Lord” 

At this he should bow by bending over from the waist, and then straightens and makes the sign of the Cross on his forehead saying:

“The heavens and the earth are full of His praises. Glory in the Highest.”

He then Bows again, makes the sign of the Cross, and says:

“Blessed is He who did come and shall come in the name of the Lord. Glory to God in the Highest.”

He then Bows a third time and makes the sigh of the Cross saying:

“Holy are You, O God. Holy are You, O Almighty. Holy are You , O Immortal. You who were crucified for us, have mercy upon us.” 

Then the worshipper will kneel down and bow till his forehead touches the ground, get up on his feet, cross himself-repeating this a second and a third time. He then says:

“Our Lord, have mercy upon me. Our Lord, have compassion and mercy upon me. Our Lord, answer my prayer and have mercy upon me. Glory be to You, Our Lord. Glory be to You, O our Hope forever.” 

He then bows, without kneeling, and recites aloud the Lord’s prayer: “Our Father, Who are in heaven…”. 

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