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Times of prayer

The times of prayer have been handed down to the Church by her founders, the Apostles and Saints, with the guidance of the Holy Spirit and in pursuit to the example of the Prophets.

The Apostles set the times for prayer at six. The doctors of the Church added a seventh, thus bringing to fulfillment what the Prophet said:

“Seven times a day I praise you for your righteous ordinances.” (Psalms 119:164) This is what our great scholar Mor Gregorius Bar Hebraeus said in his book, “The Ethicon”. This indicates that all servants of God glorify Him as Angels do. The Seven Prayer Times are:

  • Evening Prayers or Vespers
  • Compline or Prayer upon retiring (sutoro)
  • Midnight Prayer
  • Morning Prayer (Matins)
  • Three O’clock Prayer
  • Six O’clock Prayer (Noon)
  • Nine O’clock Prayer

We have placed Evening Prayer first as in our ecclesiastical tradition the day begins in the evening. This is the order reported by Metropolitan Yacoub of Bartella in his book entitled: “The Treasures

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