The wheat and the tares

Your job is not to pull up the tares, but to grow as wheat. When the wheat harvester comes, He will find the ears of your wheat full, and will gather thirty and sixty and a hundred until His barns are filled with wheat.

The Lord Jesus never wasted His time in resisting faults…

He did not spend the period of His Incarnation on earth struggling with those at fault or with problems of society and church. He took care of building, laying new principles and preparing people to believe in them and spread them everywhere.

It is a waste of energy to be absorbed in gathering up the tares.

The devil is ready to occupy you all the time by various problems and offers you endless mistakes. His main aim is to distract you from building yourself and building the kingdom of heaven, by fighting these mistakes.

By pulling the tares, you may lose your inner peace and probably your peace with people too; as you are going to live in a struggle.

Therefore, you will lose your quietness and serenity and maybe your meekness as well.. These problems may create an atmosphere of endless disturbances and differences that may agitate you and surround you by continual rage.

Likewise, as you lose your gentleness and quietness, you may also lose your cheerfulness. People will see you ever gloomy with no smile. Anger and sorrow might control you and you might accept them as holy anger and grief for God’s sake..

This may lead you to cruelty of the heart…

You will always judge those who are wrong, revolting against their mistakes, taking the excuse of pulling up the tares from them. You will be always in clamor and you may raise your voice, rebuke and yell at people and become annoyed with everything…

During all that, you may lose your love to people and lose your gentleness. So, while you are gathering up the tares from others, you will probably pull the wheat that is in you. People will look and see you like the tares, in everything…

Few are those who could pick the tares and, at the same time, keep their wheat. Therefore, it is good that God prevented His children from pulling up the tares for fear of picking the wheat too.

It is well said in the Bible “Do not resist evil”…

The best way of gathering up tares is by setting a good example

to overcome them. As a wiseman said, “Instead of cursing the darkness, light a candle.


— Pope Shenouda III